Our Services

W.R Painting & Contracting Inc. is a full-service commercial painting and industrial paint and coatings service providing high quality products and services at reasonable rates.

An extensive list of our complimentary services includes: Surface Inspections and Evaluations, Digital Imaging, Color Presentation Boards, On Site Evaluations, Job Walks and Monitoring, Detailed Specifications and complete reference materials and communications from start to finish. These services, combined with quality, equals the best possible paint job for your budget.

W.R Painting & Contracting Inc. is an industrial and commercial painting contractor specializing on the application of high performance industrial coatings and surface preparation of a multitude of surfaces such as steel, galvanized, aluminum, wood, masonry, concrete tilt-up, and stucco.

Utilizing the latest techniques and keeping up with the latest technology allows us and our highly skilled professional painters, to provide our services to a broad range of industries and we are committed to deliver your project in a timely manner, safely and in a cost efficient way.

Whether you need to re-coat your existing coating system extending its service life, or a complete application of a new coating system, Our painting company can provide you with solutions which work the best for your surfaces for a successful coating application.
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W.R Painting & Contracting Inc. can provide the solution for any of your industrial or commercial painting needs.

Having served a wide variety of industries throughout the years, we understand that looking and performing your best is crucial for your business to stay competitive. With W.R Painting & Contracting Inc. you can accomplish that in the most effective and efficient way. From Zero VOC Paints (Low Odor Green Coatings) to the application of high performance coatings, and from extremely durable epoxies and urethanes, our highly skilled employees are ready, willing and able to take on your most challenging painting or coatings projects.

W.R Painting knows every client has a different combination of needs (project size, time requirements, onsite evaluation, material recommendations & specifications. Our job is to understand your unique needs so we can formulate and execute the perfect solution for your business.

Whatever your painting project may be, with our painting company”s experienced, personnel and resources, we are committed to deliver your project in a safe, timely and cost effective way with little or no downturn for your business.
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Applicators of paints and protective and architectural coatings.